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Lacan is one of the most complex, misunderstood and interesting psychoanalysts of all times. It isn't easy to understand his ideas because in his writings he included mathematical formulas phylosophical and linguistical concepts. He had an outstanding talent for integrating all these fields into one original theory, based in Freud's essential discoveries. Besides this, it isn't easy to find patient profesors, who are willing to lead you through the great adventure of reading Lacan, and trying to "have a dialog with him". I've been very lucky to have found one of this few teachers, who has made the beginning of this journey smooth enough for motivating me to continue trying. I definitely think the effort is worthy. I invite you to start reading some introductory texts to Lacan's thought, before reading Lacan's work. Give yourself the opportunity and build your own opinion. I'll be glad if you'd like to share some ideas in this wiki. Patricia